Engineering Your IT DevOps Career Pathway

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DevOps still is new enough that certifications are evolving and emerging. In time, the IT industry will make clear what certifications are most necessary and most highly valued, but until then, we have some suggestions for training and certification pathways to help you engineer a successful DevOps career.

IT Certification and Training Pathways

DevOps emerged as a response to the challenges of siloed Dev and IT departments, resulting in failures. Generally, the goal is to solve those issues, tear down those silo walls, and develop a shared sense of responsibility for the health of the end product.

The result of this approach is the merging of Dev and IT/Ops, thus the catchy name, “DevOps.”

CBT Nuggets trainer Shawn Powers hosted a Demystifying DevOps webinar in which he explored some of the finer points of the approach.

This new working model has also been facilitated by the emergence of the cloud and software-defined assets like servers and storage. With all this in mind, we can create a pathway that can help prepare you for a rich career in DevOps. Read more Click here


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