DevOps trends emerging for 2017 and beyond


As the year draws to a close, we look towards the future and the emerging trends that are set to shape the world of software delivery for 2017 and beyond.

One of the most powerful, overarching trends we saw in the recent year is the growing adoption and maturity of DevOps practices. From its grassroots, small-teams beginnings, DevOps has mushroomed and is now at the point of becoming the standard way of working (or rather, the pursuit and continued improvement towards this way of working) – for enterprises and startups alike.

For large organizations, we see that what has started as a “keeping up with the unicorns” grassroots movement within more forward-thinking companies, has matured to large, complex enterprises now often being on the forefront of DevOps innovation. These enterprises are now leading the way in terms of patterns and best practices for scaling DevOps across the entire organization. The question is — why?

Fueled by competition, adaptability is key
To borrow a lesson from Charles Darwin, it is not the strongest or most intelligent that survives — it’s the ones that are most adaptable to change.

Today’s highly competitive and dynamic business landscape gives rise to new business models and offerings – all driven by software innovation. Read more Click here


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