5 Steps to Fix Your DevOps

Source:- dzone.com

DevOps. Why is everyone talking about it now? People say, “Just do DevOps,” and I laugh at that.

Is it that easy? Let’s discuss some facts that you should know before moving to DevOps.
We all want to do DevOps because it’s cool and trendy. Is that your answer? If so, then stop thinking about it. It’s not what you think it is.

Before taking the first step to doing DevOps, ask yourself why you need DevOps and set the goals and objectives properly.

1. Know the 6 C’s DevOps Cycle

You need to know the DevOps cycle. See the figure below.

  • Continuous business planning. This starts with identifying the skills, outcomes, and resources needed.
  • Collaborative development. This starts with development sketch plan and programming.
  • Continuous testing. Unit and integration testing help increase the efficiency and speed of the development.
  • Continuous release and deployment. A nonstop CD pipeline will help you implement code reviews and developer check-ins easily.
  • Continuous monitoring. This is needed to monitor changes and address errors and mistakes spontaneously whenever they happen.
  • Customer feedback and optimization. This allows for an immediate response from your customers for your product and its features and helps you modify accordingly.

2. Know Different Tools for DevOps Success

Your organization should be willing to change and open to the challenges ahead. DevOps is not a set of tools, although in order to do DevOps, you need some incredible tools. It’s top management’s responsibility to make sure proper training is given to developers by DevOps experts. Your developers should be well-versed with some tools used to do DevOps. Read more Click here


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